Clinical Psychology in Europe - Second issue just released

European Association for Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment
De EACLIPT kondigt de tweede editie van haar gratis open source wetenschappelijk tijdschrift aan!

Dear EACLIPT members,

We are happy to announce that the second issue of our new journal *Clinical Psychology in Europe* (CPE) has just been released. You can download the full issue from or visit our website at

In the current issue, you will find the latest research telling you for example...
... when people are asking Dr Google for help with their symptoms
... how social impairments unfold in complex social interactions
... why we might need 'Clinical Pharmacopsychology' as a new discipline to explore the clinical relevance of psychotropic medication
... which psychodynamic treatments are evidence-based in patients with borderline personality disorder
... why endocrine research needs to be considered when patients and clinicians are developing illness models together.

Last, but not least, the second issue comprises a list of Competences of Clinical Psychologists which is supposed to inform education, training and practical work.
Don't forget: CPE is *free* for readers and authors - Spread the word to your colleagues and submit your research at

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